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Visitors to Paris...tailor the tour of your dreams!

If you visit Paris for the first time... or consider that it is my job to offer you the very best of Paris in a short time then enjoy the unique shopping places I selected! You'll save precious time and energy.

I offer to take you to 'Le Marais' which is both the historical center of the City and the heart of a diverse community. In 'Le Marais' we will go shopping and enjoy the charm of this 16-18th century area.

I selected the best unique places in Paris:

non-chain shops and showrooms, restaurants, bistros...

no over-advertised products nor mass-production items: clothes, perfumes, accessories, food or drinks...

a world of Ultra-Chic 'Créateurs' and artists who will welcome you warmly and tell you about their creations...

Shopping in Paris is always a special treat. Paris is Couture!


Unlike other Shopping Guides, I am not linked commercially with the owners of the places we are going to visit together nor do I receive a commission from them. I selected them for your satisfaction only.

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