Discover the dark side of the City of Light!

Off the Beaten Path!

The Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, the Champs Elysées, there are tens of Paris sites you can visit by yourself or with an average tour guide

Let me show you Secret Paris...

the street where Ravaillac stabbed 'good King' Henri IV to death or the mansion built for the one-eyed woman who helped young 'Sun King' Louis XIV become a man

Paris is gorgeous, breathtaking but Paris is also the scene of the most dangerous, dirty, crual, sleazy streetlife !

(well hey, it's all safe and nice in 2013!)

I am Chris Lomon and I am going to be your personal guide! I invite you to a 3 hour walking tour to get an original feel of the City of Light and ...darkness! I invite you to look around and admire what Paris has to offer to those who want to get to know it intimately: the other (but still official) side of History.

What you are going to experience!

I offer you to walk the historical heart of Paris out, escaping the boring straight 'Haussmann' boulevards to take crooked streets, cross yards and gardens, push open the gates of small townhouses and magnificent mansions who once belonged to the French Nobility or ambitious Bourgeois families…

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Tailor your tour or pick from my selection

'Top 5' Secret Paris Tours

Tours start at €150, see details here

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